Thursday, February 10, 2011


This week I haven't maintained my blog as I usually do. I feel little need to write and share at present. Last Friday I chose to make myself vulnerable in a post, and I ended up regretting it. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, there are some things that I wish to keep to myself, however, sometimes I just really want to connect and to update the blog. If I don't have anything to write about then I take whatever is relevant in my life at that moment and I write about that; that's not always a good idea. I think that it is best to check in with myself and use a bit of intuition in order to know if something feels right to write about. In my need to just write something to keep the blog updated I may overlook an intuitive feeling that tells me not to post. My post last Friday received a well meaning comment that created even deeper feelings of vulnerability for me. We all read from our own points of view and we all have our own interpretation of what we read, and sometimes those interpretations are accurate and sometimes they are not. The commenter doesn't know me and misinterpreted what I was going through last week for something else. I ended up taking down the post, and I'm glad that I did. Everything does not need to be shared.

This week I am not drawn to keeping up the blog; I think that this is fairly common for many of us that have blogs. Sometimes we don't have anything to say, but we feel that we must in order to maintain our blogs and keep our readers. This week I feel more inward and I don't have much to say. I'm hibernating for just a little while. I may even come back tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry about your experience. Having had the same type of comment several posts back, I totally feel your hurt. I chose to keep my post up, delete the comment and put my disclaimer in there to stop that well intended, but misguided person from commenting again. Took me about five days to get over that one. I don't think you ever need to apologize to us that follow you. You do what works best for you, period. I have several blogs I follow that have recently had bad experiences with hurtful either fight or retreat, and either choice is a good choice. I only post once a week now, because I have a life I need to live, lol. I worked on a new tab on my site, and trying to do a post on top of that is too much. My post this week is basically just an introduction to my new Art tab. Don't worry about schedules. I happen to look forward to your posts, all of them, whenever they make an appearance, and with all the people I read now, I am finding it impossible to keep up with the ones that do multiple posts per week. Take care.

  2. You're right. Not everything has to be shared and sometimes we have nothing to say. I haven't had anything to say for a while now and I was fretting about it until I figured out why I write a blog.

    If I haven't figured out something new about myself, then it makes sense that I cannot then share it in a blog article. And I've found that I figure out more about myself when I actually spend time with myself. Alone. Thinking things through. When life gets busy and work and friends take a lot of your time, well, there is is little opportunity for introspection.

    I don't know why you cannot write at the moment. That is something that perhaps you need to explore alone. And then come back to us and give us the answers to everything! :)

    Shabbat Shalom, Davida