Monday, February 28, 2011


As some of you might have already noticed, I have been updating my blog less frequently in the last month. A month ago I approached the blog with an enthusiasm to connect to people and to write about whatever thoughts were brewing in my mind at the time. However, after revealing too much of myself a few weeks ago in a post, I lost steam for the blog. This is quite interesting and a bit disturbing to me considering I will begin teaching a blogging class this Thursday at the Open Mind Center. I have really struggled with the fact that I am not maintaining my blog and yet I will be in the position of encouraging other people to create blogs. However, there really is no need for me to see any sort of discrepancy here, because although I am backing off from my block at the moment I still find keeping a blog to be an incredibly creative, therapeutic and overall growth producing experience. As I have said before, keeping this blog has been one of the biggest and best gifts that I have given myself. However, life is a process of ebbing and flowing, and people change and energies at times are redirected. Right now I am feeling very internal and do not feel a pressing need to share my most intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a public arena, and that's okay.

I am focusing more on writing articles and on my first writing love, my journal. My passion for writing always expressed itself in the journal, and I always felt that I was my best as a writer while journaling. A few years ago I started reading the diaries of Anais Nin, and while reading them I experienced a tremendous amount of encouragement and inspiration in discovering the value of a diary as a legitimate means of self-expression and creating art.

When it is time for me to re-emerge from my cocoon I hope that you will still be here for us to share this space together. I really never know anything from one day to the next. Who knows, I may be ready to regularly post again sometime later this week. I can only speak for how I feel today and how I have felt over the course of the past month. As I am writing this, I feel the need to delete and erase it all, because I do not want the bond between us to be broken. So, let's just say that I am taking a mini vacation and will be back soon.

Much love,



  1. Take your time...

  2. I'm blogging less also. Just one of many forms of expressions, and right now I'm more into journaling and art. Take your long as your blog is still here, I'll always check in on you.

  3. I absolutely understand. And I so get about how after feeling a bit overexposed how you need to take time to do some private writing. That makes so much sense to me and I have had the experience many times.

    I can think of no better teacher for blogging than one who has felt so inspired, liberated and energized by the medium herself. Your students are lucky to have you. I feel lucky to know you and read you and I look forward to the time when you return here.

  4. I totally understand - and truthfully I have a lot of trouble with a blog myself - the balance between revealing too much - yet making it yours it a difficult one.
    You are terrific - give yourself a break - and a rest! You will come back ten times stronger!
    Love ya!