Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Music has a certain powerful quality that stops the chaotic flow of my thoughts and settles my mind into that sweet and delicious space of my heart. Sometimes I forget about how much I need music to remind me of who I am. Apparently I loved music even when I was a baby, my mother wrote in my baby book that I responded to music by dancing and obvious joy.Although I may have never been proficient technically at playing music, my essence has always been musical.

For most of my life music was like air for me, I needed it to survive. Over the past couple of years, for reasons that I cannot remember, I abandoned music and took refuge in books. At times while reading, I feel that I almost reach that same level of joy and knowing that I experience with music, and at those moments I feel satisfied. Last night my husband turned on James Taylor radio on AOL, and I found myself back in that place within myself where there is nothing but the present moment and all of my life made sense. I closed my eyes and I was carried back to the best part of me. Those moments contain such clarity and happiness that I question why I don't listen to music more often. Music has never let me down and throughout most of my life it was my closest and most intimate friend.

When I feel scared and overly cautious about life decisions I can put on music that has the opposite qualities. I can reach for a piece of music that is confident or quirky and be reminded of my own innate confidence.

Music is the link to my soul. May I remember to reconnect with my soul every day through music.


  1. I love love love music and James Taylor. Have you ever noticed how the day is so much brighter if you start off by listening to music and NOT watching the news or the Today show? I find myself humming all day.

    Love your blog today!!!

  2. I too gave up music for books. I am starting to date books again. However, I don't think I will ever be a music gal the way I used to be. That said, hearing James Taylor sing "Sweet baby Jane" makes me cry. What a voice that man has.

  3. I forgot how cute James Taylor was...now he is a handsome older man. I never get tired of his music and have numerous tunes on my place list. The best gift I received this Christmas was an ipod...I never even knew I wanted one, I also didn't know that I would be riding the bus to work everyday, and now I have a sound track.

  4. I used to have a huge record/CD collection, but over the years I got bored with it, and gradually got rid of most of it. After the early 90s, I couldn't get into any of the new pop music I heard on the radio, either.

    But in the last couple of years I've gotten back into listening to music. I think my tastes had changed without me realizing it; now that I've figured out what I like, I'm enjoying it again.

    I've always loved James Taylor. He's never boring. :)