Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Blessing of Toilet Paper

Writing this blog is one of my most personally meaningful undertakings. It's amazing for me to receive your comments, and to know that on some level we are supporting and helping each other through life's journey.

For me, today is about gratitude. I woke up this morning feeling so grateful for all of the good that is in my life. When I went downstairs and saw that my family has an abundance of paper towels, toilet paper, and laundry detergent, I felt as if I were the richest person in the world. No kidding, my heart really fills with gratitude for the presence of these every day necessities in my life. There was a time not so long ago when it was a stretch for me to be able to come up with the $2.00 for dental floss when I ran out. I had just enough money to support myself and my daughter, with not one penny extra. I wouldn't want to go back to that time in my life for anything; however, the good that came out of that experience was this tremendous sense of gratitude that I feel for what may seem to some people as the small almost negligible aspects of life. I didn't grow up feeling that kind of gratitude, because my family never experienced lack or deprivation. My father made a good living, my mother didn't need to work, and all of our needs were always taken care of without question. My father never wanted his children to have to struggle or do without, as he had when he was a child. Thanks Daddy, you were an excellent provider.

I hope none of us have to do without food, gas, or roofs over our heads. My prayer for us all is that we experience an abundance of life's goodness and riches. I also hope that in the absence of struggle we are still able to connect with the blessing of all of the "little" ways in which we are taken care of. When you feel grateful for your toilet paper, you truly have it all.


  1. Another beautifully concise discussion of a meaningful topic. Today my top three things to be grateful for are:
    1)Dental Coverage
    2)Pumpkin non-fat frozen yogurt
    3)Friends like you, who love me, teach me, and support me. <3
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Gratitude is the key for unopening so many doors.
    I did a meditation on abundance today. I was feeling grateful that I don't walk miles to get water to carry on my head back to my family. G-d bless these women for their strength.
    Thanks for reminding me to keep being grateful every day.

  3. I feel the same way. When I was doing laundry today, I loved knowing I have an extra jug of detergent when this one is gone. Of course, our family does have some mild laundry obsessions... ;-)