Sunday, November 28, 2010

Traveling Through Words

The past few days I have had a feeling that life has a beautiful gift that It is waiting to give me. The feeling is brief, but so deliciously rich with anticipation. I feel as though my life is about to become more vivid and exciting. I want a vivid, creative, and wildly exciting life. The process of writing those words feels like I am getting that much closer to getting what I want.

I am truly amazed that people in four different countries are reading my blog. One of my greatest desires has been to travel around the world. I so much want to see and experience all that life and this world have to offer. However, as of yet, I haven't traveled out of the United States. Last week I realized that even though at present my body isn't traveling, another part of me is traveling: my words. Isn't that a great realization? I like the idea that my words are out in the world having a good time, seeing new sites and experiencing new foods.  I have a lovely image of them being opened and read over a cup of coffee and a croissant in a quaint French cafe. I do hope that they will send for me soon!


  1. I love that feeling of anticipation... Hope there is enduring joy and love in store for you!

  2. And when your words request the pleasure of your company...Je serai ta traductrice et compagne! (I will be your translator and companion)

    Great post :0)