Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Contents of My Bedside Table

This morning I am lying in bed feeling a bit under the weather, and not at all like getting up and engaging life. So in my less than physically or mentally energetic state, my attention has been drawn to the contents of my bedside table. What do the contents of one's bedside table reveal about oneself? I think that it's a fairly interesting question to ask yourself, especially if you are in bed for part if not all of the day with nothing for entertainment except for your thoughts.

The contents of my bedside table: Two lamps, one elegantly decorated tzedakah (charity) box (it has a picture of a bird and the words dream written on it),  a cup of tea with bag still in it, a water glass, a clip on reading light, spiral notebook, very small notepad, pen, a stack of seven books written by authors ranging from Anais Nin to Gene Wilder.

In the drawers of my bedside table I have stacks of filled legal pads and notebooks, scraps of paper, receipts, Cd's, pens, and more books. I continue to cram more items into the top drawer even though it becomes increasingly difficult to close it. I am incredibly sentimental and find it difficult to part with anything. A part of me really believes that were I to throw away a movie ticket stub I would be throwing away a small part of myself and my life.

This has been a pleasant little meditation that I think is more profound than it may sound. Try it and see what you learn about yourself.

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