Thursday, December 16, 2010

Surreal Winter

Winter bathes the world in a surreal light. As I look out my window I feel as though I am looking at a stage set for a play. The bare branches of the trees hold intricacy and detail that had been previously hidden by the fullness of its leaves. Winter is not colored in the pastels of spring, but in the vibrancy and richness of acrylics. It is winter and I am living in a play that has been transposed onto canvas. Breathtaking.


  1. Winter is therefore enabling. Allows one to perceive and realize one's true potential, without the dust and burdens of inhibitions, fears and old habits

  2. Sweetie - with all due respect - it is 20 degrees in NYC - and I am freezing my tuchus off - I can appreciate the beauty around me...only if I am looking at it through a window with 70 degree heat inside.

  3. Wait -- did I just hear debbie say it was 70 degrees inside?!

    Why I oughta...


    Greetings from Minneapolis, where I haven't felt my toes since October.