Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some of My Dreams

1. Drive out of state to visit a friend, or drive out of state just for the sake of driving out of state.
2. Learn how to swim
3. Throw a costume party in which the guests must perform monologues, original or borrowed.
4. Create a monologue board game.
5. Write a novel.
6. Travel the world.
7. Tell people what I really think instead of telling them what I think will make me seem more likable.
8. Write and direct a movie.
9. Take singing lessons
10. Compose music.
11. Go to California.
12. Become a casting director.
13. Take the European Art Cinema class at Emory.
14. Become a film historian.
15. Pay my daughter's tuition.
16. Eat out every meal until I get tired of eating out.
17. Buy five new outfits per week.
18. Make money in a creative, happy, casual environment. (my own office would be preferable)
19. Be the free spirited wacky person that I naturally am, without pretending to be otherwise.
20. Enjoy every day of being me.
21. Have wonderfully close, creative, fun, and carefree friendships.
22. Own a house large enough to hold many guests without anyone having to come in contact with each other.My guests would have their own wing; they could stay as long as they like and we would meet in the evenings for dinner in the formal dining room where there would be lively or subdued conversation, depending upon our mood, followed by a game of cards and more lively or subdued conversation.
23. Merchant Ivory movie marathon Mondays.
24. Never worry again.
25. Have a fire in the fireplace every day of winter.
25. Appreciate every minute of my life, both the good and the not so good.
26. Play tennis three times per week.
27. Never come in contact with another fluorescent light.
28. Experience the world as lit through lamp light.
29. Own a Golden Doodle.
30. Never experience another moment of shame or guilt.
31. Have access to a constant flow of creative and productive ideas.


  1. i think #20 is a 'must'!!!!

    thank you for your comment - if you only knew how that made my day.

  2. Now go prioritize the list. A Rabbi once told me he received a donation of property to build a Rabbinical college deep in the woods of suburban New Jersey with no means for potential students to easily travel there from Newark, NJ and Brooklyn, NY. (this was in the 70's.) He developed a list of 12 reasons why it would not work. Do you know how he solved his problems and succeeded at creating a viable, successful and reknown Rabbinical College? By solving one problem at a time. So too your list.......each dream we have is attainable if only we set priorities and begin addressing our dreams ONE AT A TIME. This is not my wisdom. Is the wisdom of the Dean of the Rabbinical College of New Jersey in Morristown, Chabad Lubavitch.

  3. What's a Golden Doodle?

  4. A Golden Doodle is a Poodle/Golden Retriever. Right?
    #20 is my favorite. Keep dreaming and make those dreams come trues!

  5. Thank you all for the great response about this post. La Belette, it is true that as I continued writing, the list began to grow. I think that it had the potential to be unstoppable, however, it was time for dinner and had to end.
    Thanks Mort for the feedback about prioritizing, that is something helpful for me to think about.