Tuesday, December 21, 2010


There is a center which is calm, sweet, and serene; chaos lives at the periphery. An intent gaze melts the chaos, transforming it into millions of tiny rays of scintillating pink light. With the light comes the revelation that sharp edges are in fact smoothe, and monsters are nothing more than stuffed animals under the bed. The safety lasts for a moment, until the chaos crystallizes once again carrying with it the illusion of sharpness.


  1. Crystallization is a phenomena caused by excess concentration of matter in solution, resulting in precipitation of the matter. The key to maintaining equilibrium is to minimize what lies at the periphery - to avoid the chaos and maintain safety. This will convert the illusion of sharpness into the reality of soft and smoothe edges

  2. Beautifully stated; your scientific background brings a new approach to reading my posts.