Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Discovery of Details

I generally don't enjoy using the internet. I know it may sound odd, but I get bored with it and never know what I should look up. However over the past few days a lovely change has occurred in my relationship with the internet. Actually, we really didn't have much of a relationship before, as I was bored and ambivalent, and it was not eager to pursue. The transformation happened this past Monday when I discovered on my Blogger dashboard a tab called Blogs of Note. I was stunned and delighted with the knowledge that my netbook loved me so much that it had hidden in its depths a tab linking me to a plethora of edgy, beautiful, creative blogs. There are blogs out there that have themes. Who knew?

I tend to be a big picture person, caring very little about the details of life. So I talk and write about the process and experience of life, but not really about the details of living life. My discovery of these "Blogs of Note" has altered my perception a bit, and taught me more about myself than any self-help book ever could. I have discovered that I enjoy blogs that deal with detail. I may be somewhat confusing with my talk of details, for I know what I am talking about although it may be completely unclear to you, or you think that you know perfectly well what I am talking about and you really don't. Here are some of the details that I have discovered that I like quite a lot:

Sketches of clothing and shoes. There are some fantastic fashion and art blogs out there. I never imagined that I could find such joy from looking at sketches of clothes, shoes, and other interesting things that a person may use to adorn themself. As a teenager and when I was in my early twenties, I enjoyed drawing; however, for some inexplicable reason I let go of that interest.The simplicity and elegance of the drawings that I found on, have inspired me to buy a sketch book and pencils; yes, and use them to draw.

There are some fantastic dolls out there made of clay, porcelain and other materials that I know nothing about. I didn't find barbie dolls, but dolls with the most exquisite details from the hair to the lips. Yesterday I found a doll that was so stunning, I had never seen anything quite like her, she was truly a work of art. Great care was given to every detail, from the waves in her flowing black hair, to the cracks in her full pouty lips. I wanted to buy her and all of her beautiful silk outfits, but she was $4,000.00.

Psychoanalysis: I found a wonderful site about the experiences of a woman living in California and studying at a psychoanalytic institute.

So, at the moment the big picture doesn't interest me as much as the details of living: dolls, fashion, art, Freud, and colorful underwear (I didn't mention that one, although it had merit). I look forward to the details that my journey will lead me to next week.


  1. oh my - thank you so much for writing such nice things!

  2. Oh, wow, I'd never noticed that tab either! This morning I clicked on it and I'm excited to see what I discover.

    I have been reading Editor's and La Belette Rouge's blogs for years. They are two of my favorites. Always interesting, hopeful, and uplifting.

  3. Yes, the blogs of note button on your blogger dashboard is really exciting. It takes you to some really interesting blogs, and La Belette Rouse and Editor and my favorites also.