Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From a Mother to Her Child

If I could, I would protect you from everything. You would never see another day of pain. Friends would circle round the street waiting for you, because you simply have too many to fit in the house and on the front lawn. Every year a surprise party is arranged by your friends to celebrate your birthday, but still you are surprised. Language and art come easily to you, life comes easily to you. There is no problem for which you have not readily found a solution, and problems seldom darken your door anyway. The sun shines wherever you stand, but you don’t mind the rain. I send a mighty force field made up of indigo and pink to surround you when you are out of my sight. For even though you are a golden child, it never hurts to have an extra spoonful of light sent your way. You constantly marvel at the wonders of nature. Others are awed by your purity of vision. May only light, beauty, and inspiration float your way all of the days of your life. Much love from me to you.


  1. Thanks Kelly. It made me happy to write it, I kind of felt like I was writing a love song to my daughter.
    By the way, I meant that I was proud of Slater, when I typed that I was proud of me. Although I am proud of me (myself) too.
    I love hearing from you.

  2. Very beautiful. So much love, and a wonderful daughter/mom relationship.