Friday, January 28, 2011

Uncovering My Essence

It's amazing how much a person can change in a year. Sometimes I like to look back at where I was in my life a year ago and contemplate the events that have happened during that time and the ways that I have changed. My first post in October was about change, however, I have even changed since then. I am discovering that I have changed in ways that I didn't know that I needed to.It's not that I have been trying on new identities over the course of the past year, it's more like I have been shedding whatever isn't really me and getting closer to my essence.

Last year at this time I was giving public talks centered around the topic of Embracing Life's Imperfections. At the time I knew that I didn't want to speak to anyone as an expert on any topic, and I didn't want to speak with the intention of inspiring people. I just wanted to get up and talk as myself about things that were important to me. However, when I spoke, I still felt as though I was standing up in front of a room full of people pretending to know something that they did not know, which was exactly what I did not want. Also, I knew that I didn't want to be any kind of coach, counselor, or social worker. However, some part of me was still tied to that identity as a "helper". I feel that the cord which tied me to the "helping" profession has been cut, liberating me from a false identity that I picked up some years ago.

Yesterday my husband and I went to a tea house for an afternoon date and to gather information for a piece that I am writing. Drinking tea in a quaint tea house for the purpose of writing an article, felt like I was connecting to the life that I am meant to lead. I definitely feel challenged, as my normal writing comes straight from the center of my chest while writing a review comes out of my head. It's okay if I feel challenged by the tea piece because I am finally wearing an outfit that fits me instead walking around in some strangers two sizes too big hand me downs.

With hindsight certain things in life are beginning to make sense; I have been given more of the puzzles pieces. Although I was a good speaker, and maybe an okay counselor I could never make it work as a profession, and now I am glad because ultimately that's not who I am.  

Writing everyday has contributed significantly to my transformation. The more I write, the more I become visible to myself. As I become visible to myself I learn who I am and who I am not. The process of shedding happens without my being aware of it. Sometimes loss is gain.


  1. Nice new clothes darling. Matches the boots .

  2. Its sounds like you are beginning to feel comfortable in your own skin.

  3. Like peeling away each leaf of an articoke to discover the prize at the center. I can relate totally to your friendship post. I did have a few friends, but I was extremely shy as a child, a total wallflower. If I could have melted into the walls I would have. I never spoke up for myself or expressed anything of myself at all. I think it came from so much constant critism being showered upon me as I grew up, probably in the belief that it would motivate me to be what this person thought was perfect in her eyes. People have strange concepts of what they think works in life. When I had my therapy sessions that I mentioned in my last post, I finally shed the shyness, but it was hard to do, and so easy to relapse at times. Realizing it was okay not being perfect, and it was fine that not everyone liked me, was extremely liberating. I just have to tell you again, that your writing never disappoints.

  4. Yes, I just put up a post too reflecting on how far we have come as parents since last year. There were some events last night that reminded me of where we were at last year at this time. Thank goodness we have the ability to look back, reflect, learn, and be grateful!

  5. Last year was a year of much letting go for me, too. I thought I was pretty good at shedding things and leaving behind old ideas-- but lately I've realized there is so much more I could change. I guess it's a continual process.

    I've been enjoying your thoughtful posts these past few days. Lots to think about.