Sunday, January 23, 2011

Write My Bio

Last night I received an e-mail from the publisher of the Ask Miss A online women's magazine, that I have been accepted as a writer in the Atlanta area. I am really excited about the opportunity to write movie, book, concert reviews, etc. for this up and coming site. But here is my dilemma: I have an incredibly difficult time writing bios, and I have agreed to send my headshot along with bio to the publisher within the next twenty-four hours so that I can start writing for the site. I maintain my blog pretty well, posting 4-6 times per week, so I know that I can write about my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. However, there is something about writing a bio that really stumps me. I am even having a hard time writing this post about writing my bio. How do I make myself sound interesting? Perhaps part of the difficulty is that the spotlight is shining directly on me, which makes me pretty uncomfortable. Ask me what my favorite flavor of ice cream is and I go into a panic. So, I'm supposed to write a paragraph that is all about me, and I have to make it sound confident. Yikes! I just went on to the Ask Miss A site and read some of the other bio's for the Atlanta writers, they sound pretty good, mine doesn't.

So I need help from my readers. Even if we haven't met it's okay, because I still want your input. I would like feedback from people that I have some sort of relationship with outside of the blog, and my new cyber friends. Can you give me some adjectives or sentences that describe me in an interesting way? Please send ASAP! Thanks


  1. First, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am thrilled for you!!!!!

    Secondly,I am the worst bio writer of all time. I hired someone to write my bio. I can write on and on about anything but when it is time to toot my horn I am all out of music. I wish I could help. Well maybe my sharing that you could hire someone to write your bio is helpful.

    Thirdly, the words that come to mind when I think of you: honest, poetic, able to find the sacred in the profane, authentic and golden.

  2. I don't know if I can add much to what La Belette Rouge has said. Peoples bios on blogs tend to intimidate me for a few minutes after I read them, until I convince myself it's not a competition. When I look at your About Me, perhaps passion for Marx Bro...would more describe you, as everything you love is a passion. Maybe attach something more to the instructor one like motivational instructor or whatever kind of instructing you do. If you do something more with your journaling workshop besides just creating it, then add creator and mentor, or whatever it is in your case. Contributing and accomplished writer for the jewish... I can't help you too much on this one...wish I could. I re-read your About Me, and it has been too long since I watched Bell Book and Candle. I'm going to have to purchase that one. And I love Tori Amos, Carly Simon, and Sting.

  3. In my extremely short time knowing you I have found you to be energetic, vivacious and spontaneous.

    Now get to it.

  4. dreamy, introspective, quirky, nostalgic...soul writer

  5. Thanks for the feedback. I took into consideration everyone's comments and I sent out bio and headshot this morning!

    Froogal, you are right on the money with your description.