Sunday, January 23, 2011

Supporting Each Other

My sister once said to me that she could count on non-family members to read her blog more than she could count on her family to read it. After she told me that I still didn't read her blog. Really what difference would it make if I read her blog or not, she had hundreds of other people to support her. That's a pretty typical stance that I have taken in life. So and so won't notice if I don't show up for important events in their life, because they have other people to be there for them. I don't think that I am alone in this thinking, I believe that many of us fall victim to the belief that we don't really matter so we don't have to show up for life or other people. There is always someone else that can step in and take our place, and no one will ever notice that we were missing. Now that I have started writing this blog I am beginning to understand that every person matters, each reader is valuable. I now make a point to read my sister's blog every day, which is worth reading anyway.

A few hours ago I posted asking to get feedback for my bio that I need to have written within the next twenty-four hours to submit to an online women's magazine. I suppose that at this point it should come as little to no surprise that the feedback that I received was from friends that I have met through the blog, but have never physically met. The people that have actually had some person to person contact me with remain silent. A couple of times on FB I have asked my friends to stop by the blog and click a simple button to become my follower. None of my friends have responded to this request, which I have to say always kind of baffles me. If you don't read the blog then why follow. If you have read it and you think it's crap, then why follow. If you are morally opposed to what I'm doing, then why follow. But if you are my friend, and you read it every day and get some enjoyment out of it, and I have expressed that it helps the blog to increase followers, then I have to wonder what's going on here. I am starting to learn how important it is to support each other even with something as simple as pushing a button to show our support. Also, I am frightened to think of just how many times I don't show up for people even when it is something effortless on my part. I cringe to think how often I do this. I am a horrible supporter. I am trying to change that, but I am still incredibly blind to just how apathetic I really am when it comes to other people, and believe me I am the stingiest about giving of myself. But I hope to change that if even only to give an unattractive child or animal my thumbs up on Face Book. Pamela, I am not talking about your dog.


  1. You're damn right, you're not talkin' about my beautiful puppy! I wrote an amazing comment and it deleted by mistake :( I said some really nice things, though!

  2. You know many of my IRL friends don't comment on my blog. Sometimes it hurts my feelings. But what I tell myself is that they feel like they can talk to me IRL and so they don't feel the need to comment. I have told a few of my friends that I wanted their support on my blog and they have showed up. I guess it has been a lesson in me asking for what I want. That said, it can still hurt, on occasion, that I had to ask.
    p.s. I know you aren't talking about my GORGEOUS Lily. My puppy is beautiful.;-)

  3. Hey...I already commented on this and for some reason...this "Post A Comment" has a glitch that erases what I write often. Drives me crazy.

    What I want to say is this, I love reading your blogs but in the new year, we have agreed to keep the computer shut down on the weekends in order to have more family time. I get on the computer sometimes and stay on way too long. So...I catch up on Mondays and sometimes this will include your Friday blog. I will try to post more often but I want you to know you write something that I look forward to reading.
    Your old BFF

  4. Kelly, it makes me so happy that you read my blog. Even if we aren't with each other in person, at least we can reconnect through the blog. Your comments mean so much to my. By the way, that is incredibly frustrating that your comments are deleted. Wish I could fix it. xo

  5. La Belette, I was definitely not referring to your Lily! I'm at comforted to know that I am not the only one that has experienced those feelings regarding blogging.:)