Friday, January 14, 2011

The Trials Tribulations and Ultimate Delight of the Snowbound

Last night topped all other snow nights this week. Yesterday I watched movies, experienced huge pockets of internal emptiness, and cleaned the house in what proved to be a successful attempt to fill the emptiness. The day began with Julie and Julia. I tried to watch this movie a couple of months ago, but I could only manage to sit through two minutes of it. It looked like the kind of cliched American movie that I loathe. However, yesterday something in me must have changed, because I found it delightful and wanted to watch it a second time. I admit that at the time of viewing I was experiencing a bit of withdrawal as my husband had left me for the first time in five days to go to work. So it is possible that my guard was down just enough to let Julie and Julia in. After watching Julie and Julia, there were vast stretches of restlessness and boredom, driving me to take refuge in a vacuum and dust rag. Yes I had actually gone so stir crazy from four days without leaving the house that even the thought of cleaning supplies filled me with hope for the future.
Last night my husband and I watched a movie upstairs instead of downstairs, a change of scenery can be a wonderful thing, and we spent some quality time together perusing the internet for information about Michelle Pfieffer and Beau and Jeff Bridges. I always enjoy watching the Fabulous Baker Boys, although the clothing in the eighties was quite unfortunate. At one point during the movie our daughter knocked on the door and shared the rather upsetting news that she is no longer a Leo, but has become a Cancer due to some changes in the planets. I know very little about astrology, however, I do know that my daughter actually had tears in her eyes at the prospect that she would now have to call herself a Cancer. It was a rather amusing scene although I didn't let her know that I felt that way. After the Fabulous Baker Boys and the heartache wrought by the change in the Zodiac signs, we moved onto The Millionairess with Sophie Loren and Peter Sellers, made in 1960. I had never heard of this movie, and did not finish watching it, although I made mental note that it is a movie that I should finish at a later date. Sophia Loren was stunning as the spoiled daughter of a deceased billionaire. The clothes and scenery were beautiful, and I love to imbibe beautiful images before drifting off into the world of delicious sleep, the Millionairess delivered those images.
I don't know what today has in store. My house is clean, my daily blog entry is nearly written, my husband left me yet again, my daughter is home from school for her fifth snow day. For now I will finish my coffee, watch my small white dog as she sleeps peacefully in her bed, and pray for a good movie on cable.


  1. Nice to hear about your snowboundness.

  2. Karuna, thanks for reading. I am having a really great time writing about the snow, although I am growing restless and ready to venture out into the sunshine.

  3. I don't know how to explain it, but there is something about your writing that I have fallen in love with. Every time I look up your blog, I find myself searching out all the posts I have missed, and reading more of the older ones. Experiencing your writings, after everyone else's posts have been read, is like dessert after dinner.

  4. It all feels really cozy....even the cleaning.

  5. Clipped Wings, thank you for your response, it was one of the most meaningful that I have received. Having someone fall in love with the world of my imagination is the highest compliment.

    Froogal, I have felt particularly cozy the past few days, and I am glad that it came through in the writing.