Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Journal Excerpt

Today I am filled to overflowing. Inches of snow outside my door. My mind entertaining thoughts of England, Victorians, the 1920's. My mind travels to faraway places. Am I really removed from reality, or am I entering a new reality? Moving deeper and deeper into the world of dreams. The world that I wish to live in.

I am choosing to feel full instead of empty. I don't know how long this will last, I only know that it is sweet and delicious.

The world as it is right now cannot be navigated. I love this quality. The snow hides the debris on the roads. It hides the ugliness. The world is wrapped in quiet. The world through snow is safe. Everything is smooth and rounded. I can walk the quiet winter streets without care. I meet a couple along the way. We make eye contact  and smile. It is just us and the snow on the wintry streets.

I do not wish to venture beyond my street. I am quite content to live in the winter scene taking place in my mind. Yes, I am happy to live in my mind. The scenery outside my window enhances my imagination. I was made to live in a movie. A movie's scene. The perfection of a movie set. Not quite real, but definitely art. Art is life. My life is art. Perfectly orchestrated world. Etched, sculpted, wrought out of precious materials. 


  1. and if you put in some ear buds and turn on your ipod you can have your own personal soundtrack to your own personal movie...this has been working wonders for me lately...I am dwelling in fantasy along with you!

  2. I can't think of anything better than living in "your own personal movie". Music would definitely enhance the whole experience.