Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warm Cookies

All day I have thought about you, longing for us to be together again here on the page. I have pushed and pushed for something to say, but continued to come up empty. I am empty still, yet wish to be filled once again. As the words come out one by one, fullness replaces the emptiness. This state of depletion happens from time to time. Sometimes there simply are no words even when the desire to speak and write is strong. The words that do come are awkward and shy and ask me please not to publish post. They know that they are half baked, not ready for ingestion. But the longing is so intense, the desire to publish post, the wish to meet once again in the corner of the bookstore by Chagall's Amoureux de Vence.
I am ready to serve this half dozen warm and gooey, but not fully baked chocolate chip cookies. Bon appetit.


  1. I love this...you're such a breath of fresh air and so clever. I happen to adore slightly gooey chocolate chip cookies.

  2. I love to post too! I only do it once a week for my schedule's sake. I spend more of my time thinking about what to post and writing thoughts down. In the meantime, I read those I follow.

  3. I love a good half-baked cookie( not that there is anything half baked about you or your writing). I like a good combo of the cooked and the raw. No need to over-think or to *know* what you are going to write about---just do it. Uh, could I have some milk?;-)

  4. This is exactly where I am right now but I simply cannot serve my cookies, they're not even half-baked!

    That's alright, I'll just be patient and indulge in yours for the meantime :)