Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Thoughts of an Epic Nature

Things I am really good at:

1) Listening to music
2) Watching movies
3) Reading books
4) Drinking caramel spiced cider from Starbucks

Lately I have been thinking that after my death, I want my soul to be set down in the middle of 1974 for eternity. In my 70’s version of heaven I would  wear colorful scarves on my head,  tweeze my eyebrows until they were pencil thin, and watch all of my favorite sitcoms while snacking on party pizza, chips, and coke. There would never be another moment of worry, anxiety, or fear that I should be somewhere other than where I am.
As a kid I told myself that never under any circumstances did I want to turn into an adult. Adulthood was surely a curse worse than death. Adults worried too much and had very little fun. They didn’t understand about what was really important in life like owning one of those red rubber balls that they had at school for kickball and four square, or daydreaming about playing with the Malibu Skipper that I pined for and never owned. As a child I instinctively knew that happiness was what was most important. With each passing year I grew further away from that truth and like most of us became forever lost in the illusive notion that incessant worrying and taking life seriously are signs of being a responsible person. 

Why all of this pining for childhood of late? I’m not sure what the trigger was, but for some glorious reason I have been tapping into the carefree and happy feelings that I experienced in childhood, just as I experienced them when I was a child. 

New thought:

I am astounded anew every morning when I see that my FB “friends” are still there, and that they didn’t drop me over night. We have a tenuous relationship and I know that it is just a matter of time until they all disappear, since we didn’t really know each other anyway.

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