Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Gratitude for Hulu

Last night I discovered hulu, and I think that it may have changed my life just a little. Since last week I have been mentally gravitating toward the 70’s; I say mentally because it hasn’t  actually outwardly manifested at this point. I haven’t dropped by the thrift store to buy my husband a leisure suit, and I didn’t purchase Cover Girl robin egg blue shadow; yet.  But I do feel a strong pull toward Rhoda, One Day at a Time, Maude, and The Bob Newhart Show. I need to fall into sleep with the sweet vibrations of a Rhoda episode flowing through my body and mind. Yes, I want to touch the carefree innocence of my youth, and I know of no better way to do that at present than to watch the same shows that I watched as a kid. In 1974 my biggest concern was if I would make it to the bathroom in time in the middle of the night; anything concerning my bladder usually turned into a situation. The bottom line is that I want peace of mind and I believe that McMillan and Wife could and would provide, if only it were on hulu. For now Bonnie Franklin and Valerie Harper will suffice. I have found temporary relief and contentment from my woes through my time spent with my dear friends Barbara and Julie Cooper in their Indianapolis apartment. Thank you hulu, thank you.

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